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A Mac OS X only font editor, it comes also in a cheaper limited version called Glyphs Mini


Birdfont is free software program that creates fonts in several formats. It's mainly focused on web fonts.

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Indices : Characters : @

Design of @

@ at MoMA


Indices : Competitions : TDC2

TDC2 is the annual typeface design competition organized by Type Directors Club of New York and is juried by a group of professionals from various disciplines in or related to type and design.

TDC archive of calls for entries for TDC2
2005 - Call / Results

The Arts University College at Bournemouth

The Arts University College at Bournemouth, established in 1885 as a specialist institution, is a leading University College offering high quality specialist education in art, design, media and performance across the creative industries.

Their website is: http://www.aucb.ac.uk/

FAQ Pronunciation

Indices : FAQs : Pronunciation

Following is a list of names and their correct pronunciations (using English orthography).

This is a wiki: please contribute!


Arnold Boecklin: AR-nollt BOKE-lin [ˈaːnolt bøklˈin]
Antique Olive: on-teek uh-LEEV
Cochin: co-SHAN [koˈʃɛ̃ː]
Elena: EL-en-uh
Eurostile: æu-ro-STI-le (true?)
Fenice: fe-NEE-chay
Fette Fraktur: FET-uh FROK-tour
Forza: fort-zah
Futura: foo-TOOR-ah
Helvetica Neue: Helvetica noy-a
Klavika: KLA-vi-kuh
Neutraface: NOY-trah FACE
Officina: OFF-eh-CHEE-nah
Seravek: SEER-uh-vek
Univers: oo’-nih-VAIR
Verlag: fair-log
Vitesse: vih-TESS (or v-TESS)



Indices : Characters/Terminology : Aesc

The aesc (pronounced "ash") is a ligature of the letters a and e. Archaic in English it is representative of a dipthong vowel sound in certain languages.

Typophile Threads:
Swashy AE & OE
AE preference

See also: Ethel

Johannes Gutenberg

Indices : Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg

(circa 1398 - Feb 3, 1468) Inventor of the letterpress printing technique using metal alloy movable type and a press. He is accredited with producing the first western book using this technique, the "42-Line" (aka "Mainz" or "Gutenberg") Bible. His letterpress printing technique was an amalgam of different technologies available at the time including wine presses and metal alloys.

See also Johann Gutenberg

for more info:


FAQ Font Sharing

Indices : FAQs : Font Sharing

What About Sharing Fonts?
Graphic Designers and computer users often ask, "what's wrong with sharing font files?" The truth is that there may not be anything wrong with the situation. But the answer to the question requires much thought and consideration.

Fonts are software, and software is generally used according to terms set out by its author. If the author does not want anyone to ever use his software under any circumstances, he probably will never share it with anyone. But, should he choose to let it out into the world, he would be wise to consider how he would like to to be used.


Indices : Alphabetties

An unorganized group of highly organized women whom all share a love of type and typography.

Tiffany Wardle originally coined the phrase Alphabetty in a private e-mail to a friend, May 5, 2003, and has since used it as a sort of nickname.

Current members are as follows:

Jill Bell
Kristin Dooley
Zara Evens
Calliope Gazetas
Shelley Gruendler
Jemma Gura
Karen Huang
Nicole Larue
Tamye Riggs
Sara Soskolne
Ilene Strizver
Tiffany Wardle
Dyana Weissman


Indices : Publications : Tupigrafia

Publishers: Claudio Rocha (BRA), Tony de Marco (BRA)
Editors: Claudio Rocha, Tony de Marco
Language: Brazilian Portuguese (English translation addendum)

A small format Brazilian typographic magazine packed full of great visual content.

Website: www.tupigrafia.com.br

Alexander Lawson

Indices : Writers : Alexander Lawson

Alexander S. Lawson taught typography at Rochester Institute of Technology from 1947 to 1977. His most well-known work is Anatomy of a Typeface (David R. Godine, 1990), still a much recommended book among type aficionados.

In late 2009 a blog archive was developed to honor & document his life's work.

Died: Sun City, Florida, 2002

ATypI announced its second type design competition, Letter.2. Submissions open on April 4, 2011.

Find out more at www.letter2.org

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