i spent one full day on looking for a font as close as possible to this one. Now i found this site and i really hope someone here might help out.
My best guess is its a modification or mixture of Tenby Seven Light and Eurostile Extended #2.


I Love Eurostile is a (parody) tribute to the typeface Eurostile. The inspiration comes from the over usage of the typeface by industrial designers and Hollywood blockbusters.

What's your take? Are you sick of seeing Eurostile? Do you think it's a good typeface? How about Bank Gothic? ;)

Looking for suggestions for Eurostile-inspired contemporary typefaces that would work in a magazine or even a newspaper setting. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For example, I like Breuer Text a lot but it is rather limited especially for display headlines.

I also like Karbon but it seems like it might have too much character, especially for a newspaper. Not sure how extensive the family is.

Thanks again in advance.

I'm looking for a font similar to Hoefler & Frere Jones' Forza ( but available in a web font. Linotype's Eurostile is very close, (though the lower case letters are smaller in x-height when compared to Forza) and there aren't the variety of weights available in Eurostile that make Forza so versatile. Anyone have suggestions?

Can anyone recommend a good alternative to Eurostile extended? You know, with squircular letterforms. Thanks for your help.

Further to earlier discussions about SF movie designers’ inability to think beyond Bank Gothic and Eurostile...


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