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(x) Old Helvetica cut? - Scandia {self (Stian S)}

This is most likely some form of Helvetica, but i can't seem to find any information on it. It looks more or less like a cross between Helvetica Neue + Railway Alphabet + Akzidenz Grotesk.. I know it was used quite extensively across the Norwegian railway network in the 80's, and i can recall seeing it in print in magazines from the same decade.

Most people would probably pass it for a regular Helvetica cut, but i know it isn't (just have a look at the lower case 'a' and 's').. I've seen numbering as well, though i can't find any examples; all i know is that the numbers look even more like Akzidenz, though not quite..

I reckon it looks perfect for signage, so I would really like to know if it exists in digital form. Any help would be appreciated :)