Restricting color usage on a typeface.


I'm fairly new to type design and I have been using FontLab's TypeTool program which is great.

I've been developing a font with a client and they have asked if the font could be restricted to a single color or multiple colors when used. I know this probably isn't possible, but I'm quite hopeful that someone may have found a way. We want to do this because non-designers will be using the typeface and it makes for easier 'policing' of the brand colors, I'm not a dictator I promise!

Would greatly appreciate anybody's help.

Would you sell this on Etsy?


This is a birthday greeting card I have recently designed for my sisters birthday. After it's success in my family I have decided to screen print copies in black and red as below, possibly variations using other colours too, which I will then put up for sale on at a price of £4.00 or there about.

Before I do this though I wanted to get your opinions, would you buy this greeting card for a friend or family? (The small type in the corner of this card would not be included as it was specific to my sister's birthday only).

Let me know what you think :)

(Note: the small tear on this card would not happen when silk screened, it was due to hand crafting the red using masking tape and acrylic)