Though since he had all the foregoing years to do so, I wonder why I hold out confidence for something new to happen in ’014.

Which is really more harmful to Typophile: Writing the word “****” or endless spam postings?

As the title says: this is the html code of a table that should be displayed correctly within a typophile thread using the allowed tag iframe.

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typophile logo

what's typophile's main logo font? not the twitter button, but the main white on black?

You’d think a typophile website would credit their logotype on the footer—but they don’t. Anyone know what typeface is used (or who custom lettered the type) for this websites header? Thanks.

Hello everyone, Just joined this wonderful site because I really am becoming a Typophile...
Literally spent mostly every waking moment this weekend downloading, buying, trying, discovering, making, testing, and learning about font. I am starting to dream in type! Gotta space out my passions.. Losing time for Graphic Design, and Web Design..

But anyway, I am curious. Is it just me? or does Typophile only use Helvetica as its Typeface?

I know Helvetica is an amazing font, and perfect for easy reading and easy on the eyes, but you would think there would be more implementation of other typefaces in a sleek show of how typography can make any design amazing.

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Typophile Logo Font

Does anyone know what typeface Typophile uses for their logo? The closest I can find is Blair, but any other opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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Now im at the TYPOPHILE

I really believe in typography as the highest form of visual communication.

I do not like change (must be my sign — Taurus), esp. when it is imposed on me in a high frequency. Like the changing colours in the design here. The original scheme just works, guys. Let’s keep it that way.

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Hi gals & guys,

I made a little Greasemonkey script to hide trolls on this here forum :)

The script & installation instructions are to be found:


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Topic Bumps

The recent updates have had, to me, an interesting side effect: years old posts with great content are resurfacing, making Typophile a bit more fun to read.

I think it would be cool if there were a feature that specifically highlights old posts that were both entertaining (Uli vs. the world, hrant vs. Nick Shinn) or educational (John Hudson vs. Maxim Zhukov, Kevin Larson vs. David Berlow)

It's a major failure of most blogs/forums to let their best content die in the archives. To new users, you always want to put your best foot forward.

Any thoughts?

Fellow Typophiles,

I've been working on a pet project lately to get a useful mobile experience for Typophile — for those moments when you're on the go and want to get a quick snapshot of what's happening. The design allows you to quickly browse through the latest posts, and jump to the site to get involved if something catches your eye.

It's just a start, but the project has already undergone a number of improvements and revisions, and I'd love to get your thoughts for where you'd like to see it evolve.


Screenshots (iPhone):

Christian Robertson designed Pill Gothic and Dear Sarah, both available through Veer, as well as the Roboto typeface family, used in the Android mobile operating system. More of Christian’s type designs can be seen at Betatype (www.betatype.com).

Christian joined Punchcut as Senior Media Designer in December 2004. He is the mastermind behind the development of the new Typophile platform.

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