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Happy typographic families: available!

The "happy typographic families" is available!
Learn, understand, revise typography and its families with fun and with friends!
74 cards 5,8 x 9,3 cm in a plexiglass box.
60 fonts from the most famous foundries are presented.
In French or in English.
Published by Éditions Deux-Cent-Cinq: http://www.editions205.fr

It's a really "serious" game to understand, learn or revise typography and families.
You can play with friends (and even with your children, I played with my children and they liked it!) like with a "happy families" game.

online printer for specialty paper and overall print questions because I know nothing

Does anyone have any experience printing on specialty paper?
I'm a complete newb when it comes to commercial printers.

Most online printers have such bad quality paper stock, I want to use my own stock paper from a specialty mill.

The stocks I want to use are typically 110lb to 120lb and do not really work well with laser, I would need an offset printer or some other alternative?

Are there any online places that specialize in printing on specialty papers that except full color files?

Would it be better to just go to a local printer with my paper?