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hand lettering

Restoring an old logotype from a letterhead

Hello folks,

Looking for the font used in this logotype. Image comes from a low resolution letterhead which had the lettering in a 100 px high raster image.
Myfonts identify it as River Liffey Italic due to the low-res smudgyness and FontSquirrel's best bets are Mangan Nova Bold Italic and Hardtimes Italic. However neither of those come close in my opinion. The distinct curve of the lowercase "a" and the thinning downstroke of the "k" are quite unique features that may help identifying the font.
Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: Adding another image with better separated letters.

Lettering reference help

I'm currently attempting to hand letter a logo based off of some faint visual memories of some mid-century modern lettering I've seen through my travels. I'm hoping someone out there can look at what I have so far and point me to some existing typefaces or lettering that evoke this "style" so I may reference them to perfect the whole thing!
I would also love some general feedback and guidance if people are willing to share it!

Hand Lettering & Copyrights

I'm practicing hand lettering and have come across some fonts I like while browsing font stores on the web.
If I look at these fonts and draw them free hand with just a pencil and paper, am I infringing on the font's copyright?
I plan on selling the finished piece I create.

I am NOT printing the font and tracing over it. I am NOT tracing over an image of the font in Illustrator.
However, I AM looking at the font and free-hand drawing it.

Once I'm finished looking at the font and free-hand drawing it (NOT TRACING), it looks very similar but IS NOT an exact copy.
I feel my hand drawn version of the font is not an exact copy but does closely mimic the original font.
Again, I AM NOT TRACING, I am free-hand drawing while looking at the font to imperfectly replicate it.

Arrogant, Audacious, feminine lettering

Looking for a headline typeface for a fashion brand (ladies clothing) for adverts, website slides etc.
The brand is edgy and experimental and needs something different to the usual didone and sans serif styles.

I'm thinking something like Rihanna's style:

I'd love to get some lettering commissioned but unfortunately can't do that so hoping someone knows of a decent font like this, preferably with a few alternates so it looks more hand done.

If anyone has any ideas for something like this, or any other ideas for a typeface.
Has to be edgy and Audacious!


advice needed: hand lettering how to


soo I had a portfolio review last night and everyone LOVED my illustrations..which is great. But everyone also said to take my work to the next level I needed to hand draw my type. The problem is that I am scared...I know just enough about type to be dangerous...any one have some tips for me?

thanks in advance!

How can I make this better?

Hi everybody,
I'm a student of master in graphic design and I'm building a new typeface. It's a remake of a hand lettering. The original draw was made by a Oporto's seller.

Here is http://typophile.com/files/hamburg.jpg

I'm showing here for ask your contribution and opinion. I have many doubts about how I can adapt the original design for new caracters. Can anyone help me?
Please, say what do you think about. Sugestions and critics are welcome.

More eccentric neighborhood typography

Another in my series of eccentric White Center (Seattle) signs made by merchants whose first language most likely isn't English. This made me laugh.

Funny how the first 4 letters in NAILS (left sign) are razor-sharp, but the writer went free-form with the S after presumably giving up on a ruler-based letter.

The rest of the text is wildly mixed cases, sizes and spacing.

Then the artist added hand-drawn palm trees, flower and butterfly to complete its beauty and fill in the disturbing white spaces. Maybe his wife told him it wasn't pretty enough to appeal to women customers.

Swash composition help

Okay, so I'm revamping this logo a bit and would love some assistance in creating a logo that has a bit more of a properly swashing capital letter "B".
It's all in illustrator and was began from scratch in 2007.
There it sat, finished enough for production.
Yesterday i figured it needed updating.
I've enjoyed the changes so far, but the initial swash on the B is bugging me.

If you have any tips on getting it right, ANY comments would be appreciated.
(I've used minimal bezier points forever, so that is my underlying style. Extra points dirty up the curves in my humble opinion.)

Initial design: 2007

Idea going forward (not sold on the HIGH-water "B":



John Downer Sign Painting Intensive Class at Cooper Union - March 12-14 NYC

John Downer will be in New York City to teach a weekend-long intensive sign painting class at The Cooper Union in mid March. This class will be open to the public. The class has a very limited capacity so if you'd like to attend it would be wise to book early.

Get more info or sign up http://here.

There is a nice article on John's work on a shopfront in Brooklyn on Hannes Famira's blog, the source of the image below.

Thanks - digital calligraphy


I would like to show you a work I did using my Wacom tablet and Inkscape.
There was once a thread about calligraphy software and I am sure Inkscape is one of the best. It works different then CorelDraw and Illustrator but I think is more close to the traditional way except the strokes can be rearranged if necessary.

And a detail at actual size.

I would like to see your comments, critiques and advices so please feel free to post them.

A bigger version of it (1600 x 1200 px) can be downloaded from my site.

Thank you very much.