T Y P O P I X O - a new typefoundry with multi-color webfonts


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Today we introduce Typopixo.

A new typefoundry specialized in multi-color webfonts.
A beautiful and colorful collection of fonts from talented typedesigners and lettering artists from all over the world.
Beautiful to use & easy to install.
Brighten up your blog, website or app!
Please have a look at the website and download a free font for testing.
One small step for webtypography - a giant leap for colorlovers!

A boutique typefoundry specialized in multi-color webfonts.
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Font with part or all Javascript?


I am a newbie to font development and need some help.

I have a need to have a font where part of it needs to be in javascript. Actually one letter only, is there a possibility to put javascript letter within a font? Though if technically it is not possible with only 1 letter then a total javascript font. Thus is a total font in javascript possible?

This letter क on the posting, is it in javascript, can the k/K on a font be removed and this क javascript be put instead? This will allow users to type with this javascript on text editors or wordprocessors that allow javascript any internet content that can then be copy/pasted.