A typeface for a Research Center logo

I am working on a logo design for an independent Italian Research Center that will carry out high quality research in the Human Rights (Transitional Justice) and Development fields and I need some help choosing a typeface to try with this logo.

I’m looking for a typeface that gives the idea of innovation (since it is an innovative center), something modern/contemporary that conveys reliability, assertiveness, knowledge and professionalism.

The logo should make them look professional/serious but with a friendly and human/social feeling at the same time.

All suggestions are welcome.

Handwritten loveliness

Hello there all you crazy typophiliacs!

This is my very first post so not entirely sure what to expect, but I'm hoping some of you might be able to help.

I'm trying to find a nice and genuine feeling handwritten font to use for a project. Nothing too scripty nor too scrawly – just human, natural and legible.

I'm attaching the best example I've seen. (Please see Viktor & Rolf packaging box) Is this a font? – or do I have to go old-school and resort to my own handwriting endevours – please say it ain't so.

First one gets a prize!