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20th century Garamonds

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for specimens of 20th century (or mid / late 19th century at most) “Garamonds”, that is, both typefaces inspired from Claude Garamond’s work & typefaces inspired from Jean Jannon’s work. I’m especially interested in the latter ones as my research is mainly around Simoncini Garamond which we know to be of the second genre. Because of that, any current digital Garamonds (Adobe) or Jannons (Štorm) don’t qualify. The various Berthold and ITC Garamonds also don’t qualify. Here is a quick list of the ones I know exist:

  • “Garamonds”
    • Stempel Garamond
    • Sabon
  • “Jannons”
    • ATF Garamond
    • Monotype Garamond