complimenting faces

Suggestions to compliment these objects?


I am developing a tech brand and one of the primary elements are these blocks (one not shown will be the logo), but I'm having a really hard time finding a typeface to compliment them. I explored many san sarifs and even threw Didot in just to see... to no avail. I am at a loss, frankly.

I did make some headway by not using heavy weights. Throwing in a light Dicot (not sure where this came from... can't find info on origins). But I feel like the swell? fillet? (the round corners) aren't doing me any favors.

Using Filmotype Modern with Kulfonus No 2

I'm trying to create a bouncy and cartoony feel while tying into a fantasy aesthetic (albeit lightly). The use is on playing cards (landscape orientation) where the title is set in a large size Filmotype Modern and the captions and play instructions are set in a rugged Serif (after a wide search Kulfonus No 2 is my best candidate). My question is: what do people think about these two fonts, particularly using them together? Thanks.