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Identify a typewriter font

Identify a font

Dear all,

I would like to identify a typewriter font.

My research on Identifont allowed me to come close the solution, but few details prevented me from identifying the font.

The closest font is the "FF Trixie", but "8" and "D" do not correspond.

I used the "Fonts by similarity" option (www.identifont.com) and went on the website of the "FF Trixie" publisher (http://www.fontfont.com), to find similar fonts. Again I came close the design I am faced with. The font was named "FF Elementa Rough". But once again, some details did not match ("3").

In both cases, the "1" did not match, but we can imagine that the typer used the "I" to do the "1". So, this difference doesn't have the same importance.

I also used the 'WhatTheFont' search engine and it didn't work.