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New release – Nervatica


Language is a must,
please clean your book’s dust.

If you move like a snail,
you'll never end up on Yale.

Teach your mind to rewind,
never leave knowledge behind,
what should be defined,
is what you'll get as assigned.

More info at: http://www.tourdefonts.com/font-catalog/nervatica/

Available (or it will be soon) at:


New release – Kamenica


“Kamenica” - named after a beautiful small mountain river in Serbia - is a font family containing 3 weights: Light, Regular and Bold.

The Kamenica river is only a few meters wide. Mostly shallow and cold, clear and green, it was the direct inspiration source for the creation of this condensed typeface. As our other typefaces, “Kamenica” also combines traditional shapes with modern forms, tall x-height and a collection of more than 300 glyphs.

Comparing the river with the font, we could say that letters are the fishes that lives in the Kamenica river and that the font weights are the seasons in which this river shows most of its own character.

Find out more at: http://www.tourdefonts.com/font-catalog/kamenica/

Brisko Sans


Introducing sans serif family called Brisko Sans.

Contains Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black and matching Italics for all.

Bold and Bold Italics are available for free and could be downloaded from our website:

P.S. – Godfather of the typeface is Florian Hardwig who was kind enough to come up with really nice name!

Available (or it will be soon) from:


Celebrating 3 years of our small digital foundry


Dear Typophiles,

On 7th May, we'll make small internal celebration for our 3rd birthday since we published our first font family under our label – Tour de Force Font Foundry.

We would like you to suggest one our font family that you'd like to see with discount 50% off!

The list of font families can be found here:

Place your vote on Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/tourdefonts) until 4th May, we'll count them all and choose the one most voted and make it available for the 7th May only.

We'd like to thank all nice people we met (mostly online), experiences they shared, things we learned and all our old and new customers.

Thanks all.

- Dusan

New release - Saxophone, slab serif


Hight contrasted "Saxophone Soprano" and "Saxophone Baritone".

With lively Stylistic Alternatives in capital letters, "Saxophone" font family is an metaphorical equalent of the instrument which can be used almost in all music genres.

Available from:

http://Luth Norway
Ascender Corp.

Start of "Corridor" or ex-"Adhez"


Just started working on something new and wanted to save it here, so it reminds me not to quit or forget about it.

Only lower case letters are done so far and not all (/s/, /k/, /v/, /w/, /x/, /y/, /z/, /j/... are missing) and they are still rough, didn't do fine tunings of those existing letters (e.g. some parts are still not consistent, proportions in some letters are not good, should letters /n/, /u/, /u/, /p/, /q/ have same upper part of left stem as on /p/ or /n/ ...). Pretty a lot of things to define and to think about.

But, I think this looks like a promising beginning and could be interesting to complete it.

Tour De Force Font Foundry

Founded by Slobodan Jelesijević and Dušan Jelesijević in May 2009 as an independent boutique font foundry that is the only one of it’s kind in Serbia, Tour de Force Font Foundry has produced high quality original typefaces that are in use globally.

From our glyph laboratory in a small town of Gornji Milanovac, Central Serbia, we have anchored our craftsmanship and reputation on providing the classic European standards of stellar personalised service with our clients across the world.