hand lettered

Looking for both the script logotype face (which I think is contemporary), and something that closely resembles the wall type, which is probably old hand lettering based on some classic form. But maybe not?! Candidates for the wall so far include Emigre Brothers, Brokman, PF Din Display Pro, Intropol, and Pill Gothic. Thanks for your help!

I would love some critique/feedback on this logotype I'm working on. It's a for a game with themes of retro laundrettes/laundromats. It's worked up from sketches into illustrator, but I haven't been able to put the amount of time I would of like to at the moment. Anything would be great!


This is a draft of the front side of a congratulations card for a corporate client.

Inspired by and a tribute to some of Herb Lubalin's gorgeous script pieces.

I'd love any feedback/critique! Thanks.


So what can I do to make this piece a wow? I feel like with some tweaking it could be special, but I have been staring at it too long and have lost my perspective.


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