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Hi I am starting up an Eyelash Extension spa- the logo picture is a very rough draft. My demographic is early 20s to late 40s with average being late 20s-early 30s. Am trying to convey an upscale, chic, modern (but not cold), stylish, with elegant/feminine touch. Suggestions of typefaces is VERY appreciated! Have been going crazy trying to find something that looks ok. Was thinking modern/script but am open to other typefaces/script. Also what would you recommend then for tagline? (Logo might be edited with box around it and/or without tagline). Again your guys feedback is very very much appreciated!

Anyone have any idea what two fonts are used? Thanks for your help.

Hi, this is the old logo of the company where I´m working. This year they are 30 years and we want to show some history but this is the only sample of the logo I could find, I need to recreat it.. Can you help me?

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Help with Font ID


Can anyone help me identify this font?


Creative Director here tasked with coming up with a logo for a very long newly merged company. The company name is North American Home Furnishings Association- do you go with an acronym NAHFA? Or do you attempt something with the entire name spelled out? Or both? All of the companies involved in the new company previously had some sort of acronym in their logos, NHFA, HFIA, WHFA.

And if designing using acronym - any design tips for something long and awkward?

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What font is this?

What fonts is this?


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What font is this?

I'm attempting to recreate this logo but I'm unable to verify the font. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time. The logo has been included as an attachment.

Can anyone identify this serif font please?
Any help would be much appreciated!!


Hi guys, I need some genuine and honest comment about my logo design for my company re-branding.

Currently we're using "Dotty Love Graphic Design", We decided to re-branding it because of few reasons..
the first one, this has name actually been used for around two years.. i do have a logo with light magenta
and a love vector in it, but unfortunately, the logo can be no longer use it as It appear in a drama
series in Taiwan. I'm quite upset with this. i've no idea how they get it..

the second one is, i'm trying to pursue my design n printing services to some industry company,
the company name with "Love" doesn't sound profession enough, it's more to freelance market instead of industry.

Hi guys,

Anyone wants to give this a go? Much thanks in advance :)

I remember see this font before, N from PONS. plz i need some help to ID.
Thx in advance!

Hi! hope you can help me with this, I have ages trying to find it and my client doesn´t remember which typography was used in his logo. Thanks in advance!

Our company has a simple logo on our cards, letters, etc.: F&I. The font used to create the logo was lost years ago, and now I am trying to identify it. Any ideas?

Hi! Please help me identify this font! Many thanks! Fantastic people!

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Hi! Cavalier Youth type

Hi! Please help me identify this font! Many thanks!

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Logo Critique Please!

These are intials THE, adjusted based on a grid. The brand is fashion-inspired. Be detailed! Be technical! Be constructive!

Hi everyone, I'm redoing a logo for a company producing educational games for children. The logo is supposed to appeal to children and educators (parents and teachers). It should have a "smart child" look about it.

Could people please give me their opinion of the design that I have made including font?

Hey typophiles, I've got another logotype that near to completion. This one has been really difficult for me so I really need your guys eyes on this.

I've been asked to create a logotype for a wool felt and leather iPhone, iPad, MacBook Sleeve accessory maker who also makes really nice leather bags. She has become very popular on Etsy and has created quite a name for herself, and thought it was time to get a custom mark. She was formerly an architect and applies her clean modern aesthetic to all her pieces. She asked me to create a custom logotype that would reflect her taste and design ethos.

Anyone know what font BODYMASTERS is? Thanks!

Could someone identify the font?

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Logo Font

Can somebody identify the correct font used in the logo attached? I have approached our web designers who originally designed the font - but no luck. We cannot make changes to the wording until we know what it is.

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