Fetamont - a T1-completion of the metafont logo


When you are familiar with the TeX/METAFONT-world you have probably already seen the logos of METAFONT, METAPOST or METATYPE1. They are made of the following glyphs:

"AEFMNOPST" have been constructed in the METAFONT language by Donald. E. Knuth and "Y1" have been added by the METATYPE1-Team.

I have completed the font in two ways:

  • I have added many glyphs, such that the T1-encoding table is complete now (T1 is also known as the EC- or Cork-encoding)
  • I have added some variants like "light ultracondensed" or "script"

Metaflop - web based platform for Metafont


Metaflop is a web based platform for experimental fonts and type related projects using metafont. metafont is a programming language for creating entire families of fonts from a set of dimensional parameters and outline descriptions.

The Modulator is a GUI to play around with a simple pen based Metafont, lots of fun

Tsukurimashou 0.1 - MetaFont meta-family for Japanese, first release


I've posted the first public version of the Tsukurimashou parametric font family on my Web site at

The main goal of this project is to support my own study of the Japanese language, so the finished product is less important than the process of getting there. However, you might still enjoy looking at it. To my knowledge, there's never been a native MetaFont family with glyph coverage for Japanese; there exist a couple that are conversions from other formats, and there was also the Quixote Oriental Fonts Project, announced more than two decades ago, apparently never usable, and now long abandoned.