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modern sans serif

New Release: Adelle Sans


We are pleased to announce that the expected sans serif counterpart to the award-winning Adelle is here.

This sans serif proposes a cleaner and more spirited take on the traditional grotesque sans. As typical with TypeTogether fonts, the most demanding editorial design pieces were taken into consideration when engineering Adelle Sans. The combination of its lively character and unobstrusive appearance that is inherent to grotesque sans serifs make it an utterly versatile tool for any imaginable graphic application, whether it is branding, signage or advertising. Without any doubt, the key word behind Adelle Sans’ design is flexibility.

Manila Sans



I have been working on this typeface for quite a while now and would love to hear your opinions and constructive criticism.

Currently Manila Sans has two weights regular & black. I'm planing to interpolate two more weights between these two when I'm satisfied with all the letterforms.