newbie issue

Help finding & combining serif fonts...on MS Word!


Hi all,

I feel I am too sub-amateur to even be posting here, but I need some serious typographic assistance! I'm preparing a handout (attached) for an important job talk I'm giving and I desperately want it to look professional.

The main body font must be small (like 9pt) to prevent lines of poetry from running off the page; and has to either come with MS Word 2010 or be inexpensive ($35 or less.) :( Also, some of the handout is in Greek, so I need a unicode font that will look ok with the Goudy

Totally confused about font height

Sorry to bug you with something is probably considered common knowledge by you guys, but I hope to get a clear and authorized explanation about this issue I have.
if the caps height, the x-height and even the descender height are all bigger in the case of Verdana, what makes them both be "48pt"?