Clothing Brand for Children Advice

Hi, Everyone

First post...but don't go easy on me! :)

I'm doing my final project at University in Graphic Design and have created a brand for a range of clothing and accessories to be sold in the store Go Outdoors. It aims to raise awareness of the issues of not enough children getting outside, exercising and experiencing the benefits of nature. I have attached what I have so far for the brand but I'm painfully aware that it doesn't strike a cord with the correct target market (children). The main concept behind it is to use the initals of GO and P from Play to create a tree shape. I think it is the tree shape itself that looks out of place and perhaps too corporate, I'm looking for advice on how I can keep the concept but make it more attractive to a younger audience.

Durable Media For Outdoors

Hi there gang,
Got a new project on at my work where I've been asked to come up with assessment media (books or pamphlets)which can been used in the outdoors.

So for example - a trainer would take this assessment book or sheet out into the field on his/her mountain bike or kayak to assess a trainee on practical stuff.

We currently have notebooks with waterproof paper that can be written on with Biro pen, but other then that, I don't know where to start looking for this type of printed media! Any one heard of this kind of stuff?