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Type choices

Geogrotesque type pairing suggestions

Hi there,

I've been looking for a nice serif body text that will compliment Geogrotesque. I would like something with a timeless feel, contemporary, solid, but somewhat friendly. I've been messing around with Vendetta. I've also tried Garamond ITC Pro. Since I don't have anyone I trust for their type feedback, I'm posting this here. I would love to locate something with lots of cut options moving forward. Vendetta seems to have a lot of options.

Any recommendations would be awesome - thoughts on Vendetta as a complement to it would also be great. Just wondering if I'm off on that. If you all have better alternatives, I'd be very much open to exploring...

Thanks a lot!

Students: Use Good Fonts Well.

As a design student, I’m sure you’ve opened up FontBook or the InDesign font menu and scrolled all the way down to Zapfino before realizing that none of the fonts on your computer quite match the fluffy type visions in your mind. So then you head over to a wretched site like dafont.com, only to be confronted with an infinite number of terrible choices. What do you do next?

source: http://fuckyeahtypefacedesign.tumblr.com/post/61475663645/theyre-plume-crazy

Re-Design, Font choices


I am currently re-designing an action sports magazine and Would love to get some input on Type. Its been quite the task as the criteria seems to grow by the day. Currently we are using Berthold City (headline), Minion Pro (body) and interstate( captions/sidebars). We are trying to do a bit of a 180 and clean up the book a bit. We are a photo driven publication which should traditionally lend itself to a minimalist approach however my creative director wants something with "a little more flair"( but i would like to keep it on the sophisticated side). I was considering Archer, Tungsten and Gotham along with several other H&FJ Fonts, however they all seem to be a bit "overused". I'm trying to stay away from a slab yet still need something with appropriate personality for the mag.