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Sans Serif Typefaces with Medieval Designs?

¶ Some Twenties and Thirties Sans Serif feature a couple of letters derived from the early or late Middle Age.
· · · Examples: Bayer's Universal, Goudy Sans, Lydian, Peignot.

¶ Can you list some and explain the linkage (uncial, caroline, insular, beneventan, fraktur) of the letters?
· · · Thanks.

A Legible Medieval typeface that subtly hints at being Medieval?



I am looking for a Medieval typeface that I can use for a poster that subtly hints at being Medieval and not one that is over flamboyant and difficult to read.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Free typefaces would be best but please suggest all - free is just a bonus.


What is this medieval styled calligraphic font ?

Please help me identify this modern gothic calligraphic font (found in the comic book "Lillim"). It looks like I've seen it before many a time but I cannot remember its name. I guess it must be popular if it's used in a recent comic book. This is the sample compiled of several screenshots ( Sorry for the small size, I tried to enlarge the pictures but the font is distorted then)

Witch font are in the logo of the german medieval band des Teufels Lockvoegel ?

Hey guys,

i`m from germany, sorry for the bad english. ;)


I search the font of the logo from the german medieval band "des Teufels Lockvoegel"
We really need it!

The first font i have found. It's Zenda from Paul Lloyd
and the second... which make the T and L of the logo i really can't find this fuc**ing font!

I send you the link of the Hompepage... at the left side, u see the logo.


I hope, somebody help me!
Make me happy guys ): !!!

the color of medieval text


In medieval text there seems to be a frequent use of red and blue lettering. Does anyone recreating medieval texts (or imitating them in advertising, book cover design, etc.) have a standard Pantone color that best represents these? Absolute precision isn't necessary; I'm just trying to invoke the (admittedly large and diverse) era through the color of the text.

(By the way, there is a Pantone "medieval blue" but it is darker than the typical blue used in medieval texts, which is more like this.)

Second Release from astroluxtype: Dragon Fang.

The second release from astroluxtype, Dragon Fang, is a single weight headline display font. The style suggests Medieval font forms but in a contemporary sense. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letterforms which include a few alternate characters, look for the swash "B" and "D" to give your design project a special look. Influenced by everything from Rick Griffin and Linotext to tribal tattoo art this font will bring a contemporary edge to your design projects. Fantasy book cover art to that goth album cover you should find many uses for astroluxtype's Dragon Fang. Available Now at Myfonts.com Link: http://www.new.myfonts.com/fonts/astrolux/dragon-fang

New Font w/ Free Demo - Montressor


My hip collegian daughter is always pushing me to make fonts which she thinks will fit the design trends of the day, which seems to come down to fonts which would look good in the monogram on the side of the Adams Family’s hearse, on an Ed Hardy t-shirt or tattooed on the back of a contestant on Tool Academy. Ok, that’s the extent of my second-hand contemporary cultural literacy.