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Creating arabic fonts using font lab - (Ligatures) - help needed

Dears Typophilers,
I'm new in the typography design.
I did an arabic font with Fontographer 5 but I didn't finish because I need some help.

I need to know how I can create Open type standard ligatures feature with Fontographer 5, font lab or Volt.

or I need to know how I can create ligatures feature.. when I type some letters together the glyph replaces.. for example AL-JALALAH WORD (ALLAH), in some fonts if you type LAM LAM HAA it will have specific shape.

any tutorials, lessons or hints will be very helpful.


Add dots (nuqta) to glyphs in VOLT. Need Help.


Somewhere on Typophile I read about adding dots (nuqta) to base glyph in VOLT.
This means instead of making glyphs for each combination of base glyph with dots in FontLab, you use VOLT to compose glyphs on the fly using a single base glyph.

This has something to do with CCMP feature.

I request anyone who has used this feature for the mentioned purpose to kindly share their experience.

Thanks and regards.

contextual multiple substitution in OT


I'm trying to set up a contextual multiple substitution (one-to-many), but FOG 5 keeps choking on the feature file and won't generate a font. The same substitution works in VOLT for TrueType OpenType fonts, although the substitution works only in Microsoft programs, and not in Adobe programs.

In VOLT, I was able to set up the substitution as:

    comma -> special_glyph comma -- when preceded by -- glyph_group

Now I'm trying to use it in a feature file (based on Adobe specs) for generating a CFF OpenType font in Fontographer 5.

Here's the basic syntax for an Adobe spec feature file:

    sub [ @Glyphclass ] comma' by specialglyph comma;