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Haansoft Dotum

UniPad and Haansoft Features

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This article is designed to list which features are supported and the UniPad Features supported.

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows Me [OK]
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 200X, Windows XP [OK]
WINE HQ, for x86-based Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris [OK]
Windows CE (4)
Microsoft Windows 3.x
Linux / X-Windows (!)
Mac OS X
Palm OS (4)

General Features

Full BiDi support (Hebrew, Arabic, Thaana, Syriac)
Rendering of Arabic contextual forms
Separated rendering of non-spacing marks
Combined rendering of non-spacing marks (!) [only for future versions of UniPad]
Normalization (maximal decomposition) [only for future versions of UniPad]

Haansoft Characters Updated

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Haansoft Standard
Symbols 1
Symbols 2
Korean Jamo
Box Shapes
Unit Symbols
Enclosed Letters
Parenthesized Numbers
Special Languages
Phonetic Alphabet
Extra European
Pinyin, Kanji
Mathematical Signs
Parenthesized Kanji
Letterlike Signs
Superscripts, Others
Extra Signs and Dingbats
Science Symbols
Kanji 1
Kanji 2

Korean Wansung Characters
Extra Symbols
Fullwidth ASCII Characters
Double Korean
Roman Numerals
Box Drawing
Unit Symbols
Extra Roman Signs and Others
Kana Letters
Cyrillic Letters
Hangul Syllables

Unicode 3.2 Characters
Basic Latin

Haansoft Font Errors

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Basic Fonts

C0 and C1 control characters in Basic Latin and in Latin-1 Supplement don’t exist in the fonts.

The reverse solidus (92) is copied from the slash and has been reversed.

Latin letters a, e (97, 102) have wrong design in Haansoft Batang. This bug doesn’t exist in Chrysanthi Unicode.

Control delete (127) looks like a not defined instead of showing actual small capital DEL in Hansoft Batang and Haansoft Dotum. This glyph doesn’t exist in Chrysanthi Unicode.

Superscript 2, 3, 1 (178-179,185) aren’t aligned to the superscript position.

Vulgar fractions one quarter, one half, three quarters (188-190) are nut fractions. This bug doesn’t exist in Chrysanthi Unicode.

Latin kra (312) looks like an cyrillic ka instead of an small k.