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Bodoni classification?

How would you classify Bodoni and Didot? What's the narrowest classification? Many sources label them only as modern. Like here:

But "modern" is a quite wide classification. Today many new fonts are inspired by Bodoni and to label them all as modern is just blunt.

# Sorry if this question already exists in the forum, but there is no advanced search function so I can't find any matching thread.

"Speedy" italics on a transitional or modern

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project which needs italics with a little more oomph to them, and I'm looking for something in the transitional or modern forms. My point of departure in this search is the new Didot Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes completed for Vanity Fair. According to their own blog on the commission, the drawings they built their didone from revive a specific letterer's cuts: Molé Le Jeune.

Suggestions for a Slab Serif that reads well in digital implementation at all sizes?


I've just been handed an important piece of work generated elsewhere which extensively uses Bodoni throughout web and app implementation. Before I throw my toys out of the pram I'd like to go in with an alternative slab that reads well at all sizes in the digital sphere. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thankin' you in advance

Port Vintage


Hi guys

Just released my latest typeface - Port Vintage - expanded upon the original Port.

Port Vintage is a new typeface expanded upon the original Port typeface, released in 2013, and being an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist, inspired by the well known forms of typography masters such as Bodoni and Didot and the exuberance and elegance of calligraphy typefaces.

Curious sample of 'Louvaine' from Solotype Catalog - any matches?

Hello! Found this example on p136 of the Solotype catalog.

According to the Solopedia - http://abfonts.freehostia.com/solopedia/solopedia-l.htm - this font is a match for something called 'Bulldog' I cant find this anywhere, wondering if anyone had another similar typeface?

As always, may thanks for any assistance...


Wrenloch - Scotch/Bodoni inspired


I've always enjoyed both Bodoni and Scotch style faces. I wanted to introduce some ‘fashion sense’ into the ‘work horse’, and get something unique. I think there's some potential to make it into a text face, eventually expand it, but I wanted to get some feedback here first. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, folks. It just sounded like a worthwhile idea to entertain.

I've been looking at Monticello quite a bit, and referencing a generic Bodoni for logic and proportion. For what it's worth.

What do y'all think of that |Q|? and
I realize the teardrop is missing from the |g|. Bear with me.
Thanks to raph for the Monticello Specimens.

Filosophia history

Hey there!

I'm a new and learning designer just taking my first typography class. It is something I am really enjoying.
As part of my class, I was assigned a typeface to study and do research on and present as my final project. The face I was given is "Filosophia." It is a beautiful one and I know it was developed by Zuzana Licko of Emigre Fonts in the 1990's. I also know that it was inspired by the classic "Bodoni." Outside of that, I have found very little information on Filosphia itself.

Does anyone know of any books that include information about it or its history? Are there any groups, or communities dedicated to Filosophia? How about any valid websites?

Thanks for the help!



Hi I am doing a large high profile signage project using Annlie. Can anybody point me to anything well known where it has been used. I have to do a presentation about it. Also does anybody know anything other than whats on the linotype site about its creator Fred Lambert? Any interesting stuff at all on Annlie would be gratefully recieved.

Thank you.

Research paper on Bodoni/transitional


Hey all!

This is my first post, so be gentle. My professor, Pablo Medina, suggested this place to ask for some insight on a research paper I'm doing.

I'm basically in the formative throws right now, but I'm working towards some sort of thesis. I'm thinking about discussing how Bodoni as a transitional typeface bridges the gap between serif and sans serif fonts, and/or something else to do with its place in history.

As I said-- formative throws.

My main point of posting here is to ask if you guys can recommend any good sources, print or otherwise, for me to read up on the history and help myself get as close to a perfect grade as possible!

Anything would be appreciated, even just insight.


Which Didone (/Bodoni) is this?

Hello! Which version is this? The serifs are perfectly flat, so initially I thought it was Berthold Antiqua. But the "a" doesn't look like. Source

I have another question, not related to Bodoni: is there a way to subscribe to certain posts (or to all posts one has participated in), in such a way that every time there's an activity/reply to one's post or post one has replied in, an email notification be sent? Sorry, but I couldn't find anything in help, nor did I get any reply to my email sent to the webmaster. Thanks much in advance.

Poster set on Bodoni


Im doing a set of posters on Bodoni.
Trying to highlight its versatility by associating
some words with it and typing them in different styles of Bodoni.

A draft of what the first poster will look like. Containing all the words.
Then I'll dedicate one poster to each word visualizing the word in a real environment.

What do you think about it?