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Foundries that allow font upgrades

About a year ago I changed from Windows to OSX. I had purchased several postcript and truetype fonts for Windows and needed up upgrade these to opentype versions. Fortunately, most of my purchased fonts were standard or pro opentype fonts.

I discovered some companies allow font upgrades and others do not. Adobe and Monotype do not (at least beyond 30 days, per their tech support). However Storm, Teff, HF&J and others do. I would prefer to purchase future typefaces from foundries that allow upgrades (for a price) rather than require complete repurchase of fonts. Does anyone have a list of foundries which do not forget about you after 30 days?

Any experience of using Monotype fonts.com webfonts?


Do any Typophile designers or developers have experience of using the Monotype Imaging fonts.com facility to render fonts such as Helvetica Neue on their website? For a brochure site I'm designing I want to move away from default web fonts. Any experience positive or negative please let me know.

Many thanks