alternate ligatures

Dears Typophilers,
I'm new in the typography design.
I did an arabic font with Fontographer 5 but I didn't finish because I need some help.

I need to know how I can create Open type standard ligatures feature with Fontographer 5, font lab or Volt.

or I need to know how I can create ligatures feature.. when I type some letters together the glyph replaces.. for example AL-JALALAH WORD (ALLAH), in some fonts if you type LAM LAM HAA it will have specific shape.

any tutorials, lessons or hints will be very helpful.



I have a question, someone have some fonts came from Canadian Type??!?!
I have, but I have a dubt, I can't understand why for example in the Clarendon Text font the alternate ligatures are not in the same file of the file of the text. It's quite an inconvenient situation, because when I use some Canadian Type if I want to set my text with alternate ligatures I can't do it in a easy way in illustrator or in indesign, but I must search and replace the couples of letters that need alternate ligatures...
why they made font files so strange?!?!?!
do you have the same problem with fonts from Canadian Type?!?!??!

thank you for your attention

Hi everyone. I'm making my first font and it has a ton of ligatures. I have six versions of some ligatures. Now I'm beginning the proces of getting them to work with code, though I've never written code I'm learning it as I go, with this font.

My question is about the difference between stylistic alternates en stylistic sets. What is the difference exactly??
The manual says this about stylistic alternates... or contextual alternates

Alternate Substitution
Alternate substitution replaces a glyph with one of the glyphs in a predefined
list of alternatives. The application that uses the font is expected to
decide which glyph to choose. A good example of this lookup is to provide
several versions of some glyph, like the ampersand. Another application is

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