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Two wooden typefaces

I'm the guy that was restoring an archive of wooden typefaces from southern Italy.

I have some new proofprints of some of our typefaces, please take a look if you have any clue on their ID!


ps - I've built a proof press, soon I'll show you some pictures of it!

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I am happy to finally announce the release of "Lestatic", my largest typeface project to date, and one with a slightly more serious take than usual from !Exclamachine. It is available exclusively through myfonts.com. The collection of 9 families and 27 styles includes a free mashup font to give a taste of the grungier sides of Lestatic. Also, for a limited time, Lestatic Lashed, a more stroked variant, is 75% off!

Hi! If somebody is looking for a font made from "real" wood, consider this: http://www.youworkforthem.com/product.php?sku=T0595

This would look very snazzy in design or fashion magazines. You can get this from the smart guys at youworkforthem.

Quote: "Limber Limb is a high detailed, hand drawn alphabet design with the visual nature of real wood."

looks like a split-wood, splintery version of something like Playbill or PT Barnum

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