Officina Bodoni

Help with a really black didone


Hello friends!
I'm writing because I feel I'm lost with my project.
I need your eyes here, because I'm tired of trying things and it seems this font has no solution.

I want to make "the boldest" didone out there, so I started experimenting and this was my result.

The problem is that some letters (ie the "e" or the "v" etc) don't work in small sizes.
In the lowest part of the image I wrote "Mexico and Pistilli" So you can see what I mean.
Pistilli turns really black (and that's what I want) but Mexico has so many white space between letters that it drives me crazy.

Is there something you suggest?
I tried making the stems of those "open" letters bolder, but it seems it's not the solution.

Any referent?


Hand set Dante?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a book or any kind of printing that uses the hand set version of Dante.
What hand set means here is the first version of Dante, not the Monotype version.
I heard that Martino Mardersteig actually did not like Monotype version, thus I want to compare each other.
(However, if this is true, I cannot explain why Giovanni based the Monotype Dante for Valdonega project.)

Does anyone know anything about this?