Hi typophiles, I could use some help decided on a great typeface combination.

I am a junior designer and am working on a book related to Dutch design. I am currently looking at different options for the typefaces I will use. I would really like to use Aperçu for the headlines, title, chapter openers etc, but need still need to decide on what to use for the body text. I thought it would be nice to use a dutch designed typeface, as it relates to the content, and so far I have been looking at Swift, DTL Documenta and Arnhem. Do you guys think these could fit with Aperçu at all? If not, do you have any other suggestions, it could be sans serif as well, although I was leaning more towards using a serif. (it doesn't have to be a dutch typeface, but it would be nice)


Could anyone link me to reading on the topic of rounded sans-serif typefaces being used for signage/wayfinding? I'm wondering what the pros/cons are of using a rounded typeface.

Thank you.

Please see my earlier posting with a similar request for help in choosing an English-language typeface for gravestone / headstone design. That posting is here:


My difficulty with selection of Hebrew typeface is a good deal greater, since the only Hebrew typeface I already own is "Adobe Hebrew". So, it's harder for me to easily play around with different typeface choices.

Any thoughts or suggestions, please?


Subject: Guidance with selecting typeface for family gravestone...

[First time poster, here. Just did comprehensive search of the forums for similar questions, and understandably found only a few on target (last one back in 2011).]

Hi all,

I appreciate any guidance you might provide on this matter --- I'm trying to select a typeface for the burial headstone for a close female family member (passed away at ripe old age). I'd like the typeface to convey a sense of her strong family ties, as well as her great warmth combined with her no-nonsense/resilient approach to life.

I'm working on a timeline for san serif typfaces for school. I'm having a hard time finding ones for Neo-Grotesque, could you please help. Thanks.

What is the future of Type specimens? are people still designing type specimens to go in emails or to be delivered on the door step? Whats the future of Printed Type specimens? are they of any use to type setters any more?

What is the future of Type specimens? are people still designing type specimens to go in emails or to be delivered on the door step? Whats the future of Printed Type specimens? are they of any use to type setters any more?

Recently I came upon a typeface class called, Realist(you guys have probably heard about it). Is it the same as Grostesque, because I saw it used for typefaces such as Akzidenz and Franklin Gothic. If not, can you please tell me about some of its characteristics.

I basically know(I think) all the general classes but can someone list them and their defining characteristics.


I'm wondering what the typeface is for the Tillamook logo. Is it even a typeface at all? I can't find anything that matches the a or the k. A lot of typefaces get close, but none close enough. Any ideas? Help!

I haven't been here for a long time, but i was busy doing interesting stuff.
Lately i have been working on a new blog (in Hebrew) called "The Hebrew Type Ministry" (name inspired by the "Ministry of Type" blog), which is a common online knowledge base about Hebrew Typography.

In the last month or so, i have been working alongside Israeli type designers in order to create the bilingual "Hebrew Typography Status Report 2012" , which includes many type samples and catalogs of typefaces designed in Israel between 2012 to 2013. The document is freely available for download.

Hi... what started out as a novice attempt to organize a publishing firm computer network and design assets (from art scraps to fonts), I have personally been intrigued by how difficult it is to accurately categorize the Sans-serifs. Various forums have pointed to the 'g' as a defining marker... but this seems to be not always the case...

As an example, the line between 'grotesk/grotesque' and 'neo-grotesk' seems blurry, specifically in modern designs of even historical typefaces (with optical kerning, etc.). So, here is how my first take on drawing the line between grotesk and neo grot (and between neo-grot and humanist, not included in this list). The Humanist and Geometric are also another kettle of fish. But is this correct, so far ?



Hi everyone,

Can you please help to identify the typefaces
used for the 3 attached logotypes?

I suspect these are quite old logos.

Thank you very much


Hey everyone,

I've been doing a year long typography project, and my limited selection of typefaces is making the project feel stale and laborious. I need some fresh typefaces!

I am particularly drawn to hand-written typefaces. Not script, so much... but anything that looks like it was written by hand. Fun, playful, fresh, etc... these are words I am drawn to.

Do you have any recommendations that aren't going to break the bank?

Look forward to hearing your responses.. thanks!


Hello all:

I have a problem with the MS Power Point 2003 program. So many typefaces does not work with it. Only several typefaces work with this program such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana and other typefaces do not work on it.

What could be the problem and how could I use free typefaces on this program???

I have a small graphic with an assortment of vintage typefaces right here:


Since they are so old I don't know if they are still in commercial print, but if anyone can tell me what they are (or were?) AND if there are any modern counterparts or look-alikes, that would be very helpful to me!

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Armasen Site


I'm here to show you my new website. Armasen Typefaces.
Hope you like it.


Thank you!

What programs do you use to organize your typefaces? Font Book is not cutting it. Thank you.

Simplepolator allows you to interpolate compatible glyphs in the same font, without leaving FontLab nor interrupting your workflow.

Simply select two compatible glyphs and run the macro:
Five new glyphs will be automatically created, allowing you to choose the best variation.
Making it super-easy to apply the Gunnlaugur SE Briem's method on "How to make mistakes.

A quick video showing how to use it:


Australian type foundry LETTERBOX is proud to announce the release of two new faces (Brunswick Black + Gordon) along with a re-release of our library. Hope you enjoy them.

New Fonts
See Brunswick Black at

See Gordon at

Revised Entire Revised Library

Does anyone out there on the world wide web know when you can download for free/buy
nice Chinese typefaces, that will work on Mac OS X. I'm scouring the internet and have yet to find anything that isn't either a broken link or turns into default English type when I download it!
Thank you.

Australian Type Foundry [ATF] began in 2001 as a commercial outlet for the fonts of designer Wayne Thompson.

Today, Australian Type Foundry retails almost 100 original typefaces through online outlets around the world, and continues to design and market new type designs. ATF is best known for two sans-serif Opentype families, Halvorsen and ArumSans. ATF also produces custom designs and typeface modifications for a large range of advertising clients.

ATF has twice entered the New York Type Directors Club Type Design competition, winning neither time.


Hello dear Typophiles,

I'm currently working on my architectural portfolio prior to the big jobhunt, and am having some difficulty picking a typeface to suitably match the energy and vibe of the architecture.

The images below show the architecture - it's very contemporary, fairly complex, bold and still somewhat delicately crafted. Would you encyclopaedic typophiles have any typefaces you could recommend to match or contrast with these buildings?

I need one Headline face and one Body Text face - I'm currently using Eureka and Myriad, but I think I could use some help. The layouts will be fairly minimal, with enough white space to let the work stand out.

Thanks in advance for your input!

(the title isn't what you immediately think, honest!!)

Hello there,

I've been a stalker of these forums a long time, and I'm hoping you can all help me with this request.

A little while ago, I remember reading a journal or a blog someone had written that basically had a long list of "free" downloadable typefaces you could get, but then pointed out that they were exact copies of original typefaces (some of which are default on most computer systems) and this relates closely to my 8,000 word dissertation and FMP that I am researching for my Third Year of University.

The problem is, I've lost the article between now and then, and only have a handful of examples to work with.

Hello Everyone!

The Indian Type Foundry is proud to present Kohinoor, a new super type family supporting Latin, Devanagari and Tamil, three of the most commonly used writing scripts of India.

Kohinoor is an elegant low contrast typeface suitable for both body and display text. It comes in 5 upright styles, and where available also with corresponding Italics. As all ITF fonts, Kohinoor is a Unicode-compliant font and has full support for the conjuncts and ligatures.

Kohinoor's Bengali, Gujarati and Gurmukhi versions will be available in 2011.

Thank you!



I'm designing an identity for a small internet-based writing/blogging business run by four strong, yet fashionable women with great taste and I'm looking for some possible typeface suggestions for a logo.

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