I got this font, but the ligatures "fl" & "fi" don't work, even if they are integrated to the font.

You can try it with the preview there, it's the first font, by Bitstream :

When you type "fi" & "fl" in the preview, and you select to display the ligatures in the options, they don't work.


I need to design an English translation of a scholarly arabic book. Please suggest typefaces for body copy containing all possible characters for transliteration.

Hi Everyone

I'm looking for fonts similar to Academy Engraved in
terms of detail and intricacy. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance


Hi all

I've seen the Narziss typeface being used recently in various publications ( and would like to find something similar. Any ideas?

What would one describe this face as, apart from a swirly slab?

Thanks, Lee

Alcalá is based on the document “Biblia poliglota complutense”, aka Bible polyglotte d'Alcalá.
It was the first edition of a complete polyglot Bible, as well as the first printed version of New Testament in Greek, the Seventy and Targoum Onkelos. Conceived between 1502 and 1517, it was thought, financed and largely by cardinal Francisco Gimenez de Cisneros.
The first drawings go back to 1995. A second version was started in 2011 in order to answer the ordering of a publisher to compose a Bible based on the translation revised of J. N. Darby in French and Madagascan. Drawings are optimized for uses in small sizes.

LeBeaune is a contemporary lapidary engraved font with many ligatures and alternative letters.
This font was at first drawn for the famous town in Burgundy (France) for its corporate identity and signage.
This version is entirely redrawn and digitalized.
It's an openType font.
You can have a preview, download the specimen and buy at:

Greater Albion have just released two new families through Fontspring and

The first of these, Cirflex was inspired by a 1930s shop sign, and makes an ideal typeface for Streamline Era and Art Deco design. Cirflex is offered in regular and bold weights.

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