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Collaborative Typefaces

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for typefaces that were designed / created by a collaboration between a group of people.

The most prominent project that comes to my mind is Font Aid, but are there any projects like this where a functional typeface was created?

Whether it's an open source project or perhaps even just a collaboration between a small group of typographers, both old and new, I'm really interested to find out about them - if they exist.

Thanks amigos.


How important are source files for improving typeface families?


I'm trying to gauge the importance of various collaboration scenarios... I hope you can spare a moment to consider the following scenario, and let me know your thoughts :-)

You publish a typeface family, "Alice," with 12 weights of roman and italic, covering full Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, under a 'libre' license. You publish all source files - FontLab VFBs including interpolation master outlines, OpenType feature files, and hinting files.