Lichtspiele — A typocalypse display typeface

Cinemas from the early 20th Century are called "Lichtspiele" in Germany. "Lichtspiele" transports you back to a time where neon lights and marquee letters decorated cinema facades.

Of the 5 styles, three have two versions of italics - one for each perspective. Display is your basic style. Neon is inspired by the old neon letters found outside cinemas.
Add Neon Outline to Display or Neon to add another layer to your artwork. Neon 3D is a extruded version of Neon. Screen Credits is based on the liner notes of movie posters.

You can get it at MyFonts for a introduction price of 29,85 USD

seeking the typeface used in the logo for JAYSON HOME. it seems so familiar but basic searching have left me no where.


Hi, does anyone recognize this font? I've been searching for ages!

Thank you,

Worst business name and logo ever, but a client is a client. Need this asap. If you have this font you will know it for sure. Ive never seen anything this awful.

Thank-you and be well,

I find the font of the title of this book really nice. Still I can't really identify what font it is. It has something of a sabon, but it is an open fave and the U doesn't fit. Any idea?

I am desperately trying to find what this logo may be. It may not exist as an outline. Any suggestions of siilar fonts will e very helpful. Thanks!

I have searched for this font everywhere with no avail! The closest I have come is a condensed Akzidenz, DIN, Folio and Industria. None of these apart from Industria have an outline version like the posted image. Anyone out there who can identity this please!

Could anyone give me some much needed help identifying the HF in the centre of this image?


One thousand thanks would be given!!

Greater Albion have just released two new families on Myfonts and Fontspring.

Portello is a display family in the tradition of Tuscan advertising and display faces. It's a family of three 'all capital' faces. A perpendicular regular form is offered, along with an italic form (a true italic - with purpose designed glyphs-NOT merely an oblique) and a basic form for small text - which dispenses with the family’s characteristic outlined look. It offers the spirit of the Victorian era with ready and distinctive legibility. It's ideal for poster work, especially at large sizes, and for signage with a period flair.

Can anybody help identify these fonts. It looks like the same font, one with an outline and one with a drop shadow.


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Old outline font

Hi, unfortuantely finding a font that comes as near as possible to this one is harde than I thought. So I need your help.

So please give me a pointer if you think you have a suggestion for such a font.

Thanks you in advance, Robert

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