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Hi everyone!

I'm currently working on some type design for a flag for my thesis show. Both the sans and serif are bespoke. The high contrast serif was very loosely based on Times New Roman and infused with the Didone theme. While comments on any of the characters would be greatly appreciated, I am struggling with the numeral nine. Can it deviate from the vertical axis, reflecting Times? Or, should it conform to the vertical axis? (Both nines are preliminary as well as the metrics.)

Thanks so much!

Well established, high end, nationally distributed Fine Art magazine is undergoing a redesign asap (to be started now and completed in days maybe weeks but not months) Sorry for not just telling you my name and what magazine I am redesigning now but I am not at liberty to "publicly disclose" this info but send me an email and I will inform you of everting by email or phone (hurray for technicalities). Of course, you can just look at the art section of any Barnes and Noble newsstand or google high end Fine Art magazine if your in a country that may not have in on the newsstand and figure it out.

I don't know if it's just me and I've never heard of this optical illusion but do the arms of this E appear to flare into the stem?
I like my corrected version better but I want to get some other thoughts on it. Thanks.

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Hey was doing a logotype for a furniture company, would love some feedback on this.

Hello Typophile,

I'm working on a piece of lettering with plans of extending it to a full display typeface later.
I would highly appreciate any professional feedback on this stage.
(yep i want to stick with such leg for "R"=)

im sure someone can ID this specific cut, right?

please advise!

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Hello all--
I've got an in-progress here that needs your eyes. It's based on a hastily designed logo for a paper sculpture artist that I thought had some potential as a full set of letters. It's a bit of a mash-up of different elements but here's the main points I want: display face, high contrast, flared serifs and abrupt wedge serifs, large x-height, and some other thin, swashy elements and unconventional forms are ok with me since I envision it being used at large sizes. I'd also like to make light and ultra weights too.

I've found several similar fonts but none of them match exactly... most do not have consistent vertical width, or the middle of the S is not slanted, or the B is too round, etc.

Font is from a hoodie design printed by Liberty University.

Ok folks, a two parter here.

First, what are your favourite ultra high contrast serif fonts (and their sans serif compliments if you wish).

And secondly (and the reason I'm asking), what sans would ya'll recommend pairing with Bodoni Poster that ISN'T Futura or Avenir?

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