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New: HapticScript family by Henning Skibbe


The HapticScript family is a connected brush script with a warm, personal and soft character. The typeface family has five styles from Light through Black. It was designed as a companion and extension to the Haptic sans-serif family.

HapticScript has up to 14 variations for each glyph. The almost 2,000 characters per font including 40+ ligatures enable designers to give each word an individual look. Many swash characters for initials and word endings make words looks as if they were hand lettered.

Five Styles: Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Black

OpenType features: Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Sets, Old Style figures, Tabular figures


Kaiti SC

I am using Kaiti SC in InDesign. When I try to create a PDF or Package the finished product, I receive the error message saying the font could not be embedded due to licensing restrictions. The font is NOT restricted and can be embedded. I am using Mac with InDesign CS6. Any thoughts on a work around will be greatly appreciated as I have 78 pages of copy using this ttc. :(

(x) Vintage 50s Era Typography - Coronet, Gill Sans {Mark S, Viviane Tubiana}

Hey everyone, new to the board and glad to be here.

I need help in identifying this particular typeface. It's taken from the drink cup of "The Hamburger Stand" (formerly known as The Original Hamburger Stand), a chain of food joints in the Southwestern United States. The Galardi Group is the parent company if that helps in identifying design/marketing houses they may have worked with for producing this updated logo in the 90s. Any help in identifying this or similar fonts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!