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riviera - critique

Hello everyone.

Here I am to present you this Riviera, my first attempt to design a font. The project started in the late 2005, when I hand-designed some capital letters to present a project.

Now I'd like to complete it. In my mind it should be a display font inspired and recalling the modern movement, '50 etc. Until now I designed a to z lower and uppercase. Numbers are just sketched, I need some time to fix the thicknessess; punctuation and glyphs are not yet drafted. Maybe in future I'll develope different weights versions, but now I want to define this medium weight one.

Here there is a little test page:

Please help me out with this font. Thanks!

Hey Everybody,

I was wondering if anybody could place this font. Any ideas? What font is "Riviera Club" in.

Link: http://www.rivieraclothing.com/slideshow/slideshow.html

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