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Illustrator not breaking on hyphen


I'm using Illustrator CS, though I also downloaded a trial of CS5 and this behavior is the same.

I have a brochure with columns of justified text 5" wide. I noticed that Illustrator wasn't breaking "multi-functional" on the hyphen and instead gave the previous line tons of word spacing. Testing with a new document, I can't get Illustrator to break on a hyphen, which seems baffling.

I don't want auto-hyphenation, but I tried turning it on and fiddling with its settings until it broke at the hyphen. Strangely, it then didn't justify the line ending with "multi-". Not good.

I also tried inserting a soft-return after "multi-" and again Illustrator didn't justify that line.

Hyphen bold, italic &c.?


I'd like to ask if there is any standard on what the hyphen should be like when hyphenating a word in bold, italics &c.? Should it be bold/… too? (I assume it's a single word in bold/… within an entire paragraph in a regular face.)

If there is no standard, what would you say the common practice is?

Thanks in advance :)