I'm using Illustrator CS, though I also downloaded a trial of CS5 and this behavior is the same.

I have a brochure with columns of justified text 5" wide. I noticed that Illustrator wasn't breaking "multi-functional" on the hyphen and instead gave the previous line tons of word spacing. Testing with a new document, I can't get Illustrator to break on a hyphen, which seems baffling.

I don't want auto-hyphenation, but I tried turning it on and fiddling with its settings until it broke at the hyphen. Strangely, it then didn't justify the line ending with "multi-". Not good.

I also tried inserting a soft-return after "multi-" and again Illustrator didn't justify that line.

I noticed in the release notes that Apple has added hyphenation to iBooks:

* iBooks now fits more words per page by automatically hyphenating text, available only on iOS 4.2 or later.

Which seems like kind of an odd way to present it, but there it is.

Now if I could only get H&J on my Kindle v1.

Hi all,

At the antiquarian book fare in Stockholm the past weekend, I came across this book in a shelf. The title page caught my attention because of a peculiar hyphen.

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Hyphen bold, italic &c.?


I'd like to ask if there is any standard on what the hyphen should be like when hyphenating a word in bold, italics &c.? Should it be bold/… too? (I assume it's a single word in bold/… within an entire paragraph in a regular face.)

If there is no standard, what would you say the common practice is?

Thanks in advance :)

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