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where to begin

Kerning. Where to begin?



My first font. So far I made all the glyphs of all the 6 families of my font and spaced them as best as I could. Created oldstyle-, ornament-, smallcaps-, ligatures- and discretionary ligature features.

Now come the tidious part I understand. Kerning. What is the best way to go about it??
I was thinking about beginning to kern the Capital A next to lowercase glyphs with classes.
then B, C, etc. etc.

Question 1:
If I do it this way, can I work with classes in the kerning panel? Like this:

_kern1: A' @_lc @_sc

Question 2:

If I want to kern the lowercase a next to the capital A, do I have to drag in all of the a-diacretics symbols as well? Or do those composite glyphs just follow a when it is kerned