need to figure out the name of this font asap
Thanks in advancec

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New Typeface Neuron

We would like to share with the community the release of our lastest project called Neuron.

Neuron is a fresh and modern sans-serif family with a neutral and soft appearance that make it very versatile. Its possibilities are increased not only by the inclusion of true italics but by the coverage of Latin, Central European and Cyrillic characters also. The italic variants have a slight cursive influence but keep their sleekness at the same time.

Best regards,

Please help identify the following font's for a client of mine. He had someone build them this logo, which he really likes, but they only sent him this one size of .png

So I offered to see if I could identify the fonts so we could make a proper vector for him




Any ideas?

Please help my identify this typeface

Like everyone else here, I am more desperate than curious about the name of this font. My deadline is Saturday. Please help.

I'm looking for a font similar to Gravur of Lineto, with a better kerning and balance of width. I'm also open to a monospaced version.

Thanks for your help, Regards!


Could someone please identify this font for me?



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Rounded Slab Serif

I know it's been a bit distorted but i'm hoping it's not too far off from the original.

Hello to everyone!
This is the title of a french site, and I can't find this rounded font, can you help me?

Thank you very much!


Can anyone tell me what font is being used in the header/logo here? It's very close to the free font, Ostrich Sans...but it's bolder. Open to suggestions of similar fonts too...client just likes this one.

View Font Here: Breanna Rose.

Looking for something with this overall style.


Bit obsessed with rounded serifs at the mo.

Would really appreciate an Id on this...

Many thanks!

My friends are coming up blanks on this one. Swiss 721 bold rounded is close, but misses on the R. Arial Pro Rounded is also close, but none of the ones I have tried can nail the $. Note how it is rounded on top and squared off on the bottom.

Hi, does anyone know the condensed rounded sans that is used in this amtrak ad? Thanks!

Hi, does anyone know the condensed rounded sans that is used in this amtrak ad? Thanks!

A client has given me this image and asked me to use this font. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Need to recreate a shirt and don't know the font. Please help.


Looking for an Id on this please.

Rounded sans-serif taken from unit-editions webpage.

Thank you in advance! Always appreciated!


Could I request an ID on the price label in this photo.

Photo taken at an M&S food, sorry for the poor focus.

Many thanks!


Looking for an Id on this please.

Not sure if it's the old It's Nice That logo or if it was just a one of visual.

I realise it could be a little tricky given the lack of letters but any help would be much appreciated.


Hi looking for an ID on this please.

It was taken from 'The fox is black' website.

Much appreciated,


I am desperately trying to find what this logo may be. It may not exist as an outline. Any suggestions of siilar fonts will e very helpful. Thanks!

Quirky, rounded sans face with some humanist character and a little bit of contrast between sharp and soft.

At first I looked at this and thought, simple. That's either arial rounded, or possibly VAG round, maybe confortaa - but no - I've been searching this for over an hour and find very close fonts but not quite. I am beginning to think maybe the original designer drew this.

Can you identify it? It's only shown in lower case, and notice how the "m" and "u" do not have an upright. Always a single path. If anyone can help me identify this I would really appreciate it.


I was wondering if someone can ID this font that I found in a magazine which I would like to use for my work. It resembles Alba a little bit, but it is not Alba

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