I'd has this font on my previous computer, but it's get broken and I couldnt get any files from it to my new one.
Tryed to find this font for a while on different font pages, indentify etc. No result.
But I got this font from I-net for free, so it should be some where.
Please help!
This font dont haver a High letters, no matter if you press Shift or not, Its gonna be same high. No other languages, only english.
It was at the start of font list. I think it did not have a proper name, something like numbers and letters.

PS.Sorry for my english.

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need suggestions of a 'hybrid' font. Rather than a mix of serif and sans serif within the family, i'm after one that contains rounded and angular shapes?

Hi type brains, I found this typeface at an exhibition and am not sure what it is? Take a look, I really like the lower case 'g'

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Can't ID this one

Hi there,
I don't usually need too much help ID-ing a font, but I'm stumped on this one. WhatTheFont can't figure it out and I've seen this one a hundred times.

It's the font used in the kids' program "Word World".

Any ideas what typeface is used in the Man & Eve materials?
or something that is similar?


Leibix, inspired by a jolly trademark of the past, is a fun family of five typefaces which transcends different eras of the past. It has elements of the 1920s in its design, but is equally at home with projects having a 1970s theme of an up to the minute modern one. Leibix is intended for eye catching cartoon captions, in posters of anywhere else a casual impact is required.

Greater Albion is offering Leibix at an introductory 40% discount on Myfonts.


Can anyone help me identify this font?



Having trouble IDing posted typeface. Similar to Logistica but not quite. Suspecting that it's a modification of an existing face. Thoughts?


I first thought this was Helvetica Rounded or AG Book Rounded but looking at the a and the g I'm not so sure. Does anyone know what it is?


Can some one help identify this Font, I need to get as close as possible for a picky client.

Its not Vag Rounded, Arial Rounded or Helvetica Rounded, All have been rejected as well as a few free fonts like Plump and Franks Reg.

Sorry about the wafty picture, the sample is foil blocked and my phone camera doesn't like the reflection.


Been trying to identify this typeface for hours now but can't seem to find any with a matching lower case "a". Any idea what typeface it is?

Im looking for this peculiar sans typeface from the cover of Merz magazine 20 circa 1927. It could be hand rendered? However im in need of a typeface with similar rounded edges and ideally the uppercase K needs to be close. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The main image is a 1-bit scan from the logo that i received printed on a letterhead (or a business card) many years ago but i don't have the original anymore.

On the website of the company we can find only this small color image…

…that allows to guess that the baseline "Europe Matériel Maintenance" (that reminds Triplex) is in the same font than "EMM" (the M looks similar despite of its microscopical size) (it was more obvious on the printed document that i had). Unfortunately there is nowhere on the site any bigger logo.

Okay, so there's a good chance this is a custom typeface, but it's worth a shot.

I've looked into it, found some similar faces, but can't quite pin this one down.

Any thoughts?

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Fonts Mono Rounded

Do you know the name of these fonts or other fonts like these (mono and rounded)?
thank you!

Need to find out what font this is

Hi Guys, saw this on Spotify today - very nice too!

I can't figure this one out. Thought it was DIN Round but it's not. Thought it might be T-Star but T-Star isn't rounded.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

For quite some time I thought this was custom made.
I know now this is a typeface.
Please identify it.
Thank you for your time.

Can anyone help identify this font from the Tembo Fine Foods logo?


EDIT: please disregard the screenshots in this post and scroll down about seven entries to see updated screenshots. also, there are new attachments (in this post) below, prefixed with "8-6-10." please disregard the "osdc_typeface_1a.pdf" attachment. it is from a week or two ago. please use either the "sketches" or "refined" files for making comments or adjustments to characters. if i should delete the old files and screenshots, let me know. im not sure if people prefer to see the process from the beginning. thank you!


Can anyone name this? I think the same font was used on Godard's DVD packaging for Breathless. A close guess is Highbus-Bold, but that isn't it.

Thanks in advance,

A new, hopefully refreshingly mad, typeface just released at Myfonts.

One of the designers I follow on twitter posted this a while ago, can't remember who or I would ask them. I believe it is a mockup for Royal Mail slip that they leave when they "deliver" your parcel but you were out.

It looks similar to Archer and ITC American Typewriter, but it's neither of those.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.

The full image can be seen her

Does anyone know what typeface this is?

The original design is from Ben Pieratt, but I don't have a dribbble account yet. Here's the original page.


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