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Critique of Composition Invited

Dear experts,

would anyone care to comment on the composition as sampled in this file?

More specifically, I would like to hear your opinions on the following points:
1) How do you find the pairing of the greek and latin fonts (p. 15)?
2) Running headers look a bit weird above secondary titles and headings (p.26). Can anything be done about that?

Font that emulates old scholarly journal articles?


Layout for a welfare and social policies journal

As it happens, one of the jobs that pay my bills is laying out a journal on welfare and social policies published twice a month by a no profit research institute.
The journal is entering its fortieth year of continuous publication, and, while studying how to deal with the “death of print”, we would also like to refresh its printed appearance.
My goal is to add some white space/flexibility and some typographic niceties (such as proper small caps and old style numerals).
Constrains are mostly due to a next to inexistent budget (cram as much text as possible per page, use only already available fonts) and a mostly aging readership (don’t make the text too small).
Attached there’s a first draft of the revised layout.
Any kind of criticism is welcome.