Looking to match (or come VERY close) this font. Lettering is in vinyl on a boat, done about 3 years ago and unfortunately this is the only image I have. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I'm looking for these fonts or others like them that might be suitable to put on the side of a boat. Any suggestions are helpful.

I've just recently bought a classic hot rod boat, and I'm in the process of designing the lettering /logo for it. The boat is a Dowty Turbocraft 1958 model speedboat.

A picture:

One Idea I had for the design include a bomberplane pinup design (WW2 style)... I'm a bit stuck ... any thoughts/ideas from you lot would be appreciated.

Name of the boat is "Baby" :)


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font used on the After Eight yacht

I'm wondering if anyone recognizes the font used on the After Eight yacht? It reminds me of Affair by Alejandro Paul

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