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font hinting

Transtype Pro 3 Removing Hinting When Font Data Changed


I have a perplexing problem that has taken some time to nail down. I was batch converting several fonts with Transtype Pro 3, and came across an oddity. My effort was to group Postscript Fonts converted from TrueType in Suitcases that made sense.
In the process, many of the suitcases lost a substantial amount of data, but I discovered the program only removed the data if I changed any of the font's info, which was almost impossible to avoid in a process like this. Upon experimentation, I discovered that the suitcase remained the same size as it's unconverted counterpart if I left the information untouched. This would have left many a font orphaned from it's family, not to mention a lot of other housekeeping problems.

Different Auto-hinting tests and results

Hi typophiles

I'm trying to figure out which is the best quick auto-hinting solution, right now I know 4 (quick) options:

• No Hinting
• Fontlab Hinting (with proper stems/blue zones)
• FontSquirrel
• TTFautohint Program (thanks to Dave Crossland)

(I've attached the results) The question is:
Do you know any other quick auto-hinting options that might be worth a try?


*I'm using Chrome on Windows 8.1, and the tests with Impallari testing tool

Well hinted font for resume


I would appreciate your recommendation for a typeface for a resume for a freelance management consultant that is well hinted for Mac and Windows, I might end using it for my reports too if it can be embed in Word. Currently I am using Georgia+Verdana for screen and document sharing as it is “standard” but I am considering investing on something more “exclusive”.

Thank you for your expert advice.

Regards, Carlos.

Aldine Expanded Tuscan Inline


Hello All
I've been designing a Mono-line Tuscan version of Aldine Expanded.

Here is the link to a larger image:

I've done my drawings and I've run into some technical hurdles beyond my knowledge. If I can guess correctly, I have some horrible hinting nightmares ahead of me. I want to believe I don't. The image below is what it looks like at post script size 72 pt.

Macbook Pro, retina screens, hinting, the future

Hello all,

In light of yesterday's unveiling of its Macbook Pro (with Retina Display), seems like good time to restart this question:
What do you see as the future of TrueType hinting? The short-term value is obvious. I get it. I'm with you.
But when breaking out the checkbook, how do we measure the value of hinting in the context of improving rasterizers, iOS's limited appetite for hinting, screen resolution, etc.?

This is an honest question, not a statement. It's a wonderful, daunting, inspiring, confusing time of possibilities and pitfalls.
Love to read some thoughts on this, in light of Apple's news. Many thanks.

Hints on Hinting or just solutions


I am wrapping up a family and don't want to rely on auto hinting. I'm looking for good resources to learn how to hint or to have someone hint for me. Tips and tricks are welcome suggestions too. I found a few companies to bid on hinting but I haven't heard back from them and have a feeling that they will come in high. You can see a few progress shots at my blog if you are interested.

Future Grid Systems Blog

Any help would be greatly appreciated.