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Name of wave-like font


I have seen a font some time ago, but I don't have a photo and I have no idea how to find it. I remember it was used for a corporate identity of an architect. It is a font which has some kind of wavy baseline, it reminds me of water. The letters were somehow added on top of the waves. Here's an image of the wavy baseline:

I am looking for the name of this font. Does anybody know what font this could have been?


It's been bothering me all day. I tried What the Font with no luck, and Google isn't helping me either.

Can anyone figure it out?


I'm working on a legacy mark to commemorate the 25th anniversary for a St. Louis arts organization. Out of several options, here's the direction my client picked. It's loosely based on Bodoni and Benton Modern.

If anyone could offer some input on how to improve the curves, I'd really appreciate it. Some areas don't feel quite right yet, particularly in the way the swashes above and below cradle the shapes of the numbers.

Feedback much appreciated.

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Wet poster


I have been working on a poster design, the type is purposefully abstract, but I would still like it to be legible to some degree.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appriciated.

Below I have attached the poster and some details.




Hi Folks,

I'm looking out for a font I've seen on a campaign for Dasani water. It's near Bell Gothic Black, but the R seems to be different, an the lengths of the W and M are slightly different. Maybe someone has another suggestion. Thx in advance.


I'm wondering if anyone recognizes the font used on the After Eight yacht? It reminds me of Affair by Alejandro Paul

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