bespoke typography


I'm trying to find out the identity of this font and if it is still in existence. This is a section of a Swiss customs luggage label and looks like it was hand-rendered (if that's possible). Any help you can give would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind Regards.

This is mainly a question about licensing - apologies to those who were expecting something more exciting! With the age old problem of keeping typographic consistency within a large organisation (2000+ staff) I wanted to know: is it feasible for us to get slightly different cuts of dax/trade gothic done which we can rename and roll-out to all computers in our organisation for letters, presentations etc, rather than paying for a 2000 user license? if so, how much does a font have to be changed before you can own it in that way, and how much time/cost is it likely to incurr?

Really just wanted to hear from a professional whether they thought this is the best way to go on this issue?



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