Morris Fuller Benton

Morris Fuller Benton

Article highly questions that Morris Fuller Benton was the type designer claimed. The article just appeared in the APA Journal, publication of the Amalgamated Printers' Association—a group of letterpress printers. You can read the article by downloading this pdf:

Morris Fuller Benton’s Souvenir

I am looking at some lead typefaces of the 1910s and 1920s and I wished to ask if someone has pictures of the 1914 original version of Souvenir, by Morris Fuller Benton (I haven’t found so much online).
I have come to appreciate the new design which Ed Benguiat did for ITC, but I would like to see how the original looked in print.
Any help is really appreciated.
Many thanks in advance! :-)

New Site for The Dale Guild Type Foundry by Nick Sherman (metal type)

Nick Sherman designed a new site for our metal type foundry using some web fonts by Font Bureau which reference faces designed by Morris Fuller Benton once cast on our ATF Barth casters. If you are interested in metal type or letterpress I hope you will have a look!

Daniel Morris
The Dale Guild Type Foundry
Howell, NJ & Brooklyn, NY