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J.Crew script from ad

I exhausted the list of all the script typefaces I know and none were quite there. Does anyone know what script typeface this is? It's close to a lot of fonts like Shelly and a few other classics but isn't quite there. This one seems a tad more contemporary for some reason.

Hi everyone, brand new here!
I have been searching everywhere trying to figure out this font and I'm hoping I can get some new insight here. I'm hoping to find the exact font to the new Kodak ads they're running. Neutura is close, but some of the letters are different like the lowercase t.

Here is an image:

I appreciate any help you guys can offer!

A scanned ad from a Swedish cooking magazine, published in December 2008. Love the font to bits, and would really like to get it! Thanks in advance :)

anyone know what the font is for the Hamm's logo, might be hand drawn, and/or the headline font from the print ads? see attached.
thanks, liz

I need help with this one. Thanks in advanced!

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