Anyone has an idea of the font used for a hotel in Switzerland that was built in 1906?

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Help identifying this font

Hi Typophilers,

I need your help identifying the font in the attached file.
Sorry for my bad english, I speack french.

Thank you for your help.

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UNO Hotel

A logo I designed for an upcoming hotel in Riyadh. Sadly though, the owner didn't like it =(

Similar to DIN or something, the rounded A however...?

Looking to identify this. Tweet me if you know what it is. My twitter handle is @bwaggoner. If you ID it correctly, I'll send you a HOOK t-shirt. Thanks!

Hi folks,

I am going to Los Angeles, next August, for TypeCon 2010 Babel. I would like to share a room with another guy who will attend at this same convention, and wants to be hosted at Hyatt hotel (same venue of TypeCon).

Hi folks! Can't remember if I asked about Renaissance Hotels' new identity or not (my memory's not what it used to be), but I've now got a much higher resolution copy of the logo, and was hoping someone out there might be able to help me identify the fonts in this, as what I was using now looks completely wrong.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!

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