An Edwardian era font


I'm looking for a font from (or derived from) the Edwardian era - (Not the font, 'Edwardian' or Edwardian Script)
It must be...
Legible on HD res screen for relatively quick reading
Hint at Elegance and Romance without being overtly so
It could be either...
A font from that era
A contemporary interpretation derived from signage or calligraphy of the era.
Any advice would be gratefully received,

Help! Identify Gene Simmons/ Shannon Tweed's Wedding Invitation!!

Does anyone know the font name of the body copy of Gene Simmons/ Shannon Tweed's wedding invitation?

"Saturday, the first of October
Two thousand eleven
Half-past five in the evening
The Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California"

Thank you so so much in advance!! :)

Second Release from astroluxtype: Dragon Fang.

The second release from astroluxtype, Dragon Fang, is a single weight headline display font. The style suggests Medieval font forms but in a contemporary sense. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letterforms which include a few alternate characters, look for the swash "B" and "D" to give your design project a special look. Influenced by everything from Rick Griffin and Linotext to tribal tattoo art this font will bring a contemporary edge to your design projects. Fantasy book cover art to that goth album cover you should find many uses for astroluxtype's Dragon Fang. Available Now at Link:

New Release: Maiola Book & Book Italic


We added a new Book style with its accompanying italic to our successful type family Maiola. It is darker in colour, making reading an even more pleasant experience. Additionally, responding to customer feedback, we have also designed a whole set of symbols used to set logic. Customers who have purchased the Maiola Bundle and would like to add the Book styles, are welcome to a special offer. Please contact us, if interested.

More information on our website

New Release: Coranto 2 Headline


The new and improved version of Gerard Unger’s masterpiece now features three new styles that have been engineered specifically for headline use. Coranto 2 makes the most of current newspaper printing technologies delivering clean, economic and highly legible text blocks combined with striking headlines. Coranto 2 introduces the addition of over 250 glyphs for a wider language support, redesign of most accents, new ligatures, 4 sets of numerals, arbitrary fractions, superiors/inferiors and more.

More information on our website

HELP! this is driving me crazy!

Hi there guys, im new to the forum, this is my first post so excusem if i make a mistake.

Im developin an identity and im looking for a sleek, elegant serif font, i found one i like but can´t seem to figure out the type.
if you don´t know exactly but can propose something like it i will appreciate all proposals, im not married -yet- to anything, but i think this is a lovely one.


*note: could not insert image, so please see attached.

19th-century condensed typeface used on 1958/9 Avalon Hill Gettysburg game counters

Trying to ID the very condensed serif face with slab ends (not slab serifs - I'm not sure 'slab' is the correct term). The sample in the image is ALL the letters and numbers used in this face on the counters for this game: C, I, 1, 2, 3, 4. The 2 looks very distinctive, though. I tried Identifont, but it doesn't suggest anything with those slab ends to the 3 and top of the 2 - only Bodoni and relatives with ball-ends.

Not much to go on, but any help is appreciated!