This brand new font family was just released this month from Portuguese designer Dino dos Santos, and it's a real beauty.

I'm thinking about buying the display, text, and sans. What are your thoughts? A new classic or nothing special?

Happy Sunday typophile board!

/edit: Sorry everyone, realized the name was in the CENTER of the image. Too many design finals have fried my brain.

But if anyone knows where the lower case 't' came from in the middle

-or- the foundry that produced 'Fadeaway' typeface I would be much obliged

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test serif

I posted earlier wanting help with the tittles, currently diamonds.
here is the rest of the lowercase. I've included a few extra letters that I want some input with.
the /a/, /b/, /k/, /y/ and /z/


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Please ID this serif.

Source: Matthias Beyrow, Corporate Identity und Corporate Design: Neues Kompendium

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Modern serif cyrillic...

Hi all - I am working on an identity project for a client in Russia. I need to find a cyrillic font which reflects a contemporary interpretation of a heritage brand. I am thinking something along the lines of Fedra Serif, but I need a cyrillic character set. Any suggestions?

hey all,

last days i always came across high contrast serif fonts.
spezial in the field of fashion and magazines.

is there any category name for those fonts or does anyone know where there came from or what background they have?

even a few names from similary ones would help!!!!!
i am sure the font from saturday for industrie magazine is custom made but there are so many out there right now there must be some mainstream version :)

i am not looking for slabserif or egyptienne.
and i am aware that bodoni does have a good contrast in the line width :)

thanks so much!

Greater Albion have just released two new families on Myfonts and Fontspring.

Portello is a display family in the tradition of Tuscan advertising and display faces. It's a family of three 'all capital' faces. A perpendicular regular form is offered, along with an italic form (a true italic - with purpose designed glyphs-NOT merely an oblique) and a basic form for small text - which dispenses with the family’s characteristic outlined look. It offers the spirit of the Victorian era with ready and distinctive legibility. It's ideal for poster work, especially at large sizes, and for signage with a period flair.


I am looking for a font for a project inspired by the 'Divine Comedy' / Dante's 'Inferno' - found this lovely sample from an old edition. Can anyone point me in the direction of a font with similarly spiky serifs?

thanks in advance for your time and assistance!


Hi There typophilers,

New time poster/ long time admirer of typophile from Brighton UK here attempting a typeface based on a logo i designed for our company - a design studio called Filthy in the UK. Attatched is the filthy logo, which is to be printed in a black foil and embossed, but for the moment i have added some lighting effects to give you the idea of the final outcome. Here i am attempting to create a typeface that is of a heavy weight and resembles latex when used as a logo (mirroring the Filthy theme).

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Filthy Typeface

Hi typophilers,

New time poster on typophile from Brighton UK here attempting a typeface based on a logo designed for our company - a design studio in the UK. Attatched is the typeface which is to be printed in a black foil and embossed, but for the moment i have added some lighting effects to give you the idea of the final outcome. Here i am attempting to create a typeface that is of a heavy weight and resembles latex when used as a logo.

I have developed the typeface for a mailout and am now extending the face into a full working typeface. I believe it could be fairly interesting when completed. The face uses influences from rhythmic calligraphic stokes and from heavy weighted Caslon faces. I have added a humanist element to the face as well.

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Old World font id

Can anyone let me know what these fonts are? They're both so beautiful...

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Unknown Slab Serif


Does anyone know which typeface was used on this at from the Times website?

To watch it in full, visit:
Should be there around middle right.

FYI, it doesn't seem to be Calvert, Lubalin, Memphis, …

Thanks in advance!


I'm studying graphic design in Finland and am quite new to the world of typography. I have been reading this forum for a some time now, and the time has come to ask for your assistance with a font from a logotype.

I tried identifying the font at WhatTheFont, without luck. I think it has some similarities with bold and semibold cuts of Stone Serif, Cambria, Georgia and some Garamonds. Having read my Bringhurst, I think it has some baroque (drop terminal ‘a’, moderate aperture, axis) but it looks modern to me. The serifs (or stem) on ‘n’ and variable terminals should make it easier to identify. I am quite sure it's something really obvious, I just don't see it.


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a serif to go with Vitesse Sans

Looking for a serif face that would go well with Vitesse Sans.
Mostly to be used as a secondary typeface for an identity system.
The identity will most likely be in Vitesse Sans.
The serif, should preferably be something that works well for both print and web.
But only print faces are also welcome.
I'm thinking something in contrast to the rectangular aspect of Vitesse.
Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hello everybody,

I'm a first year graphic design student, so I'm just starting out. Since I'm doing graphic design now, everybody suddenly wants my advice for their birthday invitations etc. Most of the time I'm able to help them, but now I've got a question I don't have an answer to.

My dad needs a font for text that contains a lot of numbers. I've spoken to him about it and showed him some fonts that are already on his computer, like Georgia which has text figures (old style/hanging numbers). He didn't like the that there's only a bold, a regular and an italic, as he needs a semi-bold as well... I am willing to pay for a good typeface with old style numbers, as I think I'll be able to use it in coming years anyway, but it shouldn't be too exclusive/expensive as I am a student.

Greater Albion Typefounders have just released the Worthing family on and Fontspring ( release to follow).

Worthing aims to combine Victorian charm with modern-day requirements for legibility and clarity, and we hope, demonstrates that traditional elegance still has its place in the modern world. Meanwhile, for those who our curious about the naming of our fonts, Mr Lloyd our designer was reading Mr Wells (H. G.) “War of the Worlds” recently. No doubt some of you will remember the part that Worthing in Sussex played in that story. Worthing is offered in three styles, regular, alternate and shaded. It's ideal for Victorian and Edwardian era inspired design work, posters and signage, as well as for book covers, chapter headings and so forth.

Does anyone know what this font is called or where I can get my hands on it? They use it in the new Timberland Earthkeepers website. Looks like Rockwell but it's not. Far better. Thanks.

Doing a motion graphics piece using 18th & 19th century engravings of mythical animals, etc... Very fanciful and over the top. Need a font for some Initial caps that resembles an embellished engravers, similar to fonts used on currency, but more fanciful. Like this, only much nicer. This, I think, is rather blunt and vulgar.

I can only explain what I'm looking for as "Baroque Victorian" which I know is no help at all.

What are your favorite fonts (or EPS resources) for something like this?

no clue with this one, would appreciate some help!
many thanks in advance, tash

I need a beautiful E for a design.
iit has to be unique and powerful.
i was thinking more of a decorative e than serif or sans serif.
could you help me out?
thank you.

can anyone tell me exactly what font they used? I found some similar, but nothing that is exactly like it.

Can someone please tell me the font used for the title, "Brooklyn"? Many thanks!

Can anyone help me find a typeface that would suitably replace the one used in this beuatiful 17th Century engraving of a stellar atlas by the astronomer Johannes Hevelius:

more from the collection here:

Any help will be appreciated

Can you help me in identifying the typeface in this image?

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