Belfast Grand Opera House signage type

Hello Typophiles,

Would you be able to deduce the family utilised in the signage creation for this fine building? I've exhasted my resources to no avail.

PS sorry about the picture quality - the building is undergoing maintenance work and this is the closest I could get to the signage!



Royal Mail slip mockup

One of the designers I follow on twitter posted this a while ago, can't remember who or I would ask them. I believe it is a mockup for Royal Mail slip that they leave when they "deliver" your parcel but you were out.

It looks similar to Archer and ITC American Typewriter, but it's neither of those.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.

The full image can be seen her

Mixing Knockout JuniorFlyWeight


Hello there,

I always like working on mixing type, it might be frustrating, in the end you always find something nice. However, this time around, it seems really hard. I am looking for a serif typeface that fits Knockout's JuniorFlyWeight, it shouldn't be as compressed as Knockout itself but a little more condensed than your normal Garamond or Chronicle. I am working on an editorial design and I'm trying to achieve a little bit more elegance with the fonts' thin and high letterforms.

Looking forward to your recommendations and thank you in advance!

Hello Typo - Serif in progress


Hey everyone,

I recently started to create a serif with the "e" as the very first letter
and fell in love with the break in the upper bow.
This became the main idea of the type.

Starting up with the lower cases (still not all finished) it's all a big
building site but I think it's worth it.

I would really appreciate critics on my first steps on copy types
and with a little help from you, I would like to push it further!

Can't wait for your input,


Outlier Italic: Feedback Please. First Typeface


This is a very quick and rough (very rough) draft of my typeface. I was just looking for feedback and everyones first impressions keep in mind this is my first typeface and I am relatively new to the process.

I have currently only done the lowercase just because I'm not 100% sure what direction I should be going in. I was going for an italic serif loosely based off of Bodoni and I tried to go with the Old style/ Transitional style.

First impression, critique, technical aspects any comment will be helpful thank you.

I'm really having trouble with c/e/f/y/k/s/ but of course I will take any advice on all or any of the letters.

New to font designing and need some help in the technical aspects

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and I've found all the information here very helpful. For my senior project I chose to design a typeface from scratch, and there are some technical issues that I am having. I am making an italic serif typeface in the old style/ transitional style. I've taken some inspiration from Giambattista Bodoni's Bodoni typeface, and it will be used for displays, pull quotes, and headers.

Student question - Looking for a particular serif typeface with non-humanist strokes

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone can name for me a typeface with bracketed serifs and even strokes (no thin/thicks)?

I can't seem to think of, or find any with these qualities, but there MUST be some (unless it breaks some kind of rule for non-slab-serif serif fonts to NOT have thick/thin strokes?)


AND (if anyone knows) - is there a SERIF typeface based on Gill Sans that is not Perpetua? (Again, perhaps one without the humanist strokes?)

Hope someone can help!

Thanks very much,


What body copy font compliments ITC Kabel headline?

I'm using ITC Kabel as a headline font and I'm looking for a font for the body copy that would complement it nicely. The body uses italic and roman and the type will be reversed on a dark background. So, it seems like a sans serif font would be more legible but, I don't want to use kabel for copy and I'm not sure about using two sans serif font's together.

What do you think about using two sans serif font on the same piece?

If I should stick with a serif font, what would be most legible reversed out?

(x) serif from "Know How" Tallinn 2009 bodoni-remake? - Purple {Chris K}


I'm trying to find this font for a graphic design project. I found it on the Know How Tallinn 2009 site(, and I really like the handdrawn feeling to it.
Does anyone know the name of this font? I feel like I've seen in before in some magazines.
It resembles SwiftEF a bit, but more organic and loose.

On the photo it is the blue font, the big one...